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Monday, 30 December 2013

Dot SE

As this year is now coming to an end, with only 1 day left of 2013, as this is the world's biggest blog about Dot SE, which they have no input in what so ever I have no other choice, but to take you through Dot SE's past year as a reformed band, signed to Creative Artists Agency in January 2013, 9 covers later, the friendship between the guys has grown stronger, their official blog has hit more readers then ever, their fan base has grown bigger, the social media networks have grown larger, they've been to Los Angeles, the UK and Denmark, they've been interviewed, they've recorded original demo songs for their album, 2013 was the kick start to an amazing upcoming year ahead for the 4 guys, a journey they will go on, to achieve one thing, their dream of making original music, together.

Before I carry on, don't say I didn't warn you, get a tissue, press play on the cover below and carry on reading, you're going to be so proud of Dot SE.

Everyone has ups and downs in their life and I won't hide it, so have Dot SE. It's not been easy to achieve what they have in one year, with no-ones help, just their hard work, dedication and perseverance.

As always, I will give credit to the people who deserve it and in all honesty, credit has to be given to Adam. We all know that I'm a little biased towards him because we were friends and I've known him a long time.. okay maybe a lot :P but anyway, without Adam's hard work, achieving what Dot SE have in one year would have been mission impossible. I'll tell you exactly why the majority of credit has to be given to Adam, he's the one who speaks the most directly to their management, he's the one who's supported this blog from day one, he's the one who organises and arranges interviews for the band, he's the one who edits all the pictures for the band, he's the one who sits for hours replying to as many people as possible, he's the one who arranges when it's a good time for a new cover, he's the one who constantly updates on the Dot SE twitter account, he's the only one who does all that :) Putting all that aside, obviously, Adam has a personal life, travelling up and down from Skane, going to the gym, his gaming channel, making time for friends and spending time with his family. All I have ever tried to do, as a friend, as someone who has supported him in everything he has done from the beginning, is show him how much I appreciate him. For me, the best thing I did for Adam this year was getting a video message from Brian McFadden for him. My point is, without Adam, the success for the band, would have been minimal. But, with his dedication and perseverance he's done LOADS! I just wanna say a BIG thank you to Adam, you truly are the worlds finest. Lets hope in 2014, the hard work you've put in pays off, which I'm sure it will! Hopefully, we'll meet up in Jonkoping soon, I say while holding my thumbs ;) hahah!
Adam released  2 incredible solo covers this year, he made a video for people to get to know Jonkoping and the locations the guys have filmed videos at better. He's proved that he really is a ballad type guy! He's survived me constantly taking the mickey out of his English :P hahaha, he knows I'm joking though, but he's improved SO much and at times, you can't even tell he's Swedish.. until he says analysis xD hahah, I'm kidding!! :P  He's proved that if you dream big then your dreams WILL come true. That's worlds finest Adam, thank you again, best you :)

Credit also has to go to Sam, Johan and Simon! This year, for around 2-3 months, Sam became increasingly ill, he had developed glandular fever which took months to finally recover from, he became weak, he couldn't sing and as doctors had said, wasn't allowed to go to the gym, he needed as much rest as possible. It stopped the guys for a couple of months to record any covers or travel abroad to record and write originals. But Sam finally recovered and he came back fighting!! Many good things have happened in his life this year and I'm really happy for him :) He's once again developed in his vocals as he taken on lead roles in the Dot SE cover and he's shown his versatility to new fans and given the old fans an improved version of his rapping skills from his solo covers on his personal channel on youtube, by rapping in Dot SE's cover of The Monster. Sam has also taken time every so often to do unplanned #AskSam's on twitter, which I'm sure the fans that have taken part in them, have definitely enjoyed! Keep doing what you're doing Sammy! You're gonna get there with the band! :)

Ahh now I come to Johan, blue eyed Johan! Isn't he just adorable :) You gotta love Johan! He's so innocent! :) Although, I haven't spoken to him this year as much as I did last year, Johan is the cutest!! He graduated in Summer from his music college and took a huge decision not to go to university, to dedicate the time he would have spent at university to the band! He's doing a brilliant job as always and in most of the covers has taken on a lead role! He reached 8,000 followers on twitter which is brilliant! Johan also passed his driving test which means he can drive, Johan loves cars by the way :P and he has a job at a cafe at the city where he lives! Overall, 2013, is definitely a year that Johan will remember :) Keep doing what you're good at Johan!!

Last, but not least, the youngest of the band, Simon! This year, I guess Simon has changed.. not personality, but the way he looks, he's gone through so many different looks! I probably shouldn't say this, but I'm with Adam that he should get rid of the beard and so on!! But it's personal choice I guess, if Simon's happy, then we all are! :) Simon left college to dedicate his time to work with the band, he was training to be a hairdresser, but he hasn't forgotten anything he learned, as he's pretty much styled and cut the guys hair throughout this year and he's done a fantastic job at it without a doubt :D He surprised Dot SE's entire fan base in July when he released his solo cover, all filmed and recorded in Vasteras, Simon's home town. With the help of friends, the video and cover proved to be a huge hit amongst DotSErs and is close too hitting 90,000 views 5 months later! :D Keep doing what you're good at Simon, just like Adam, Sam and Johan, 2014 is going to be the year that you make it too the top! :)

Now to the covers, 9 covers later as Dot SE, their official you tube channel has now reached over 6 million views altogether which is phenomenal!! It all started off in January when Dot SE went to Los Angeles! They went purely to meet up with Record labels and management companies, but in the two weeks of staying there, they came home back to Sweden with 6 demo songs already recorded and signed by Creative Artist Agency. And then it began!

At the end of march the guys recorded their first cover as Dot SE, Demi Lovato's smash hit single Heart Attack.. it's now reached 330,000 views in 9 months :D

Just a few weeks after releasing their first ever cover as Dot SE, they took on Sam's idol, Chris Brown's song, Fine China! With the help of a few friends, they shot the perfect video for the song, its now close to reaching 50,000 views :D A personal favourite ;)

The guys then wanted to show off their versatility and prove that they can sing at different tones and create a cosy type cover ;) They stripped it right back to an acoustic cover of Come and Get It, by Selena Gomez! Using Adam's sisters band practice room, they got that perfect atmosphere for the video to suit the song! The cover now sits at nearly 180,000 views!! :D

The guys then decided to choose someone who at the moment seems to be everywhere in the media! They took on Miley Cyrus's single, We Can't Stop, as an acoustic cover, filming in the super hot weather the guys were looking at their finest! AND this is the first Dot SE cover that reached 1,000,000 million views!! :D It now is close too 1,180,000 views! This cover was like gold for Dot SE, it gained them so many fans as by coincidence they released it the same day as Miley Cyrus released her video for the single!

The wasn't it though, the guys had recorded a cover of Taylor Swifts's and Ed Sheeran's collab of Everything Has Changed.. Now at 47,000 views, it is definitely one of my favourite covers the guys have done, everything really has changed!! :D

The guys then decided to behave like birds in Katy Perry's single, Roar!! haha xD these four are so special sometimes :P It currently is at half a million views ;)

In Autumn, Dot SE returned with 2 Justin Bieber songs, in a mash-up cover! Too good for words! It is now just about to hit 90,000 views! :D

Again, approaching winter, Dot SE wanted to show a complete new genre that they could take on, Sam and Simon rapped perfectly! The bands talents are endless! It now has passed 100,000 views :D

The latest cover by Dot SE is a piano cover of Katy Perry's other single, Unconditionally, in all honesty, this is my favourite Dot SE cover compared to all the others. Perfection on so many levels! The video it linked at the top of this post, I hope you were listening while reading ;) It's super close to reaching 40,000 views :D

In this part of this super long post, I'm going to link all the interviews that Dot SE have done this year, they are not in date order.

Interview with Maximum Pop 

Interview with  <---- I interviewed the guys when the blog turned 1 year old :D

Interview with Fanlala 

Interview with Mark Meets (now known as celebrity fan mail)  <--- I arranged that interview :D

Interview with 

Interview with Frida - the biggest teen girl magazine in Sweden (translated to English from Swedish) 

Interview with Jonkopings Posten (Interview is in Swedish) 
The translation of the interview in English

They are all the major interviews that the guys have done this year! I have a few lined up for the guys to do next year :D Just need to speak with Adam about when he wants the band to do them ;)

This post is SUPER long and has taken forever to write, but I've loved writing it! In fact, I've loved every second blogging for Dot SE. It's so fun! I've got to do things like interview the guys, speak with interviewers and magazines, talk to Dot SE's old manager! So many things I would have never done without this blog. After seeing my work I was contacted to blog for celebrities, in 2014, I'm going to be working for a celebrity lifestyle show and blogging for them! I'm super excited for it :D I hope that you guys will read my work there too, you may even discover some more celebrities you like ;) I'll say it again, Adam, thank you for all your support with the blog! Next time we meet and you find out the amount of readers it now has, you're gonna be shocked ;)

A change has been made to the photos of Dot SE, for all pictures from Dot SE now visit here 

If you want to know anything more about Dot SE, read this

We can't stop, we won't stop :) The first photo is from May 2012, the second photo is from June 2013

A big thank you to everyone reading this, without you, this blog wouldn't be what it is, it wouldn't be the biggest blog in the world about Dot SE, it wouldn't be the place where you can get all of their information!! So thank YOU! <3 Have a lovely new year's eve celebrating! :) See you in 2014, it's going to be a great year, I'll be heading back to Jonkoping soon ;) ...And stay tuned, big things are gonna happen for Dot SE ;D

Farhaana xx

New update:

Exactly 1 year ago today, I met Adam and Sam in Jonkoping - good times ;)

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  1. I love u Farhaana, u do an amazing job, ur awesome! Keep doing what u do! <3 @dotSEPoland

  2. You are such a talented girl! I really enjoy your blog for these amazing guys! Thanks for posting these videos. I'd never seen "everything has changed" it said it wasn't available in my country. So I finally got to see it because of you. So thank you!