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Monday, 2 November 2015


It was just over three weeks ago when I updated the blog last. And many of you readers will be happy to know that I will continue to blog for Dot SE.

Since updating the blog last, Adam and Sam have been working hard to release several covers, including:

- Alive by Sia
- Perfect by One Direction
- Sorry by Justin Bieber
- Hello by Adele

And they released a behind the scenes for Alive and Perfect! Click here to watch it.

Out of the four covers they have released in the past couple of weeks, my two favourites have to be Sorry and Hello. It's obvious their vocals are always so good, and I love how they decided to make it their own by turning it into a slow R'N'B, its amazing.. but I especially love how they've taken full advantage of Sweden's natural beauty ;)

I highly recommend that you check out Hello as well - well I actually think you should watch all the covers, but you get what I mean..

Both of them were crazy enough to sing it in the same key, they've done a smashing job! Click here to watch it.

In addition to all the covers the guys have been recording, you can now find out what they will be up too by checking the latest video on their channel. It's call Dot SE update. They will release one every monday where Adam and Sam will tell you their schedule for the week and even may tell you which song they will be covering next, maybe.

That's it until the next post, thank you for reading as always!

Farhaana xx

- Dreams do come true -

Sunday, 11 October 2015

And then three became two.

Wow! More than three months later, I return, back behind the computer screen, blogging for those who read and want to know the ins and outs to Dot SE. The break came, as the guys were enjoying summer and preparing a lot for Autumn and Winter. And really the same with me, I've had an enjoyable but long summer! I now live alone and have plenty of time on my hands for regular updates and so on.

So a catch up where I left of, July.. it all seemed to be going so well right? Dot SE playing a gig and talks about summer going to be huge..

Back in spring Johan applied for Swedish Idol and he made it onto the top 20. Due to contracts and things, that led him to leave Dot SE. So now the guys are where they first started, back to just the two of them, Adam and Sam, where it all began, where they were discovered. In a way, the experiences that all five of them have been through, in some way shape or form, will have affected them in a good way and made them even more determined to get to the top, where hopefully, they will all meet.

So where are we at now?

Adam and Sam worked hard leading up to Autumn to transform Adam's apartment into a studio at one half and his home in the other half. Sam now works with Adam so they kind of have the same sleeping pattern / routine so can work together when they are off.
The focus for Dot SE is now the band, youtube, the fans and the reason they are Dot SE, the music.

Both of them are working hard to deliver video's every week, covers, vlogs and behind the scenes.
The other amazing thing is their website is now fully up and running. They have multiple updates sometimes in a day. You can really see they are working so hard to keep the fans updated.

 Talking about updates, I've always said this to the guys, I will always have their backs 100%, and I've always said this to any fans in the past four years that have ever spoken to me, even before One2Five formed, when Adam and Sam were alone, I'll always be there for all of you, but, I have quite a serious question.. seen as you guys, the fans are getting updates from Adam and Sam directly, do you still want me to blog as well? I love blogging, believe me, but the decision is in your hands!

I know that for an update that has come 3 months later, its not so long, but sometimes, its about quality rather than quantity. Before I go, check out the guys cover of Incomplete. They tweaked things in it, edited bits to improve it before releasing it as a Dot SE cover rather than individuals on their accounts. As they say, its hands down, one of the best songs ever made. And their cover is, rather fine may I just say.

I'm going to wrap this post up here, its been great to blog again! But the decision is in your hands, does it continue?

Thank you for reading as always!
// Farhaana xx

Friday, 3 July 2015

An exclusive competition, just for you.

2nd of July 2015, Dot SE played their second gig at a festival in Halmstad today, to say I'm proud is an understatement.

The setlist they put together was a perfect combination of the songs that give you goosebumps and those that make you wanna get up and sing with them ;D

They sang:

- Me and My Broken Heart
- See You Again
- Dark Horse
- Love Me Like You Do
- She Looks So Perfect

From what I've seen, the guys look like they had a blast, and they look in their element - up on the stage, singing and performing :D You can check one of their wonderful fans vlogg of the day (it is in Swedish) but there are many clips of them in there, so be sure to check it out! The clips of the guys performing are between 3:10 - 6:19 :)

After the gig they had a type of meet and greet with the fans - and this is where they were selling their limited edition t-shirts that they had designed themselves. Fans had the chance to buy one and get it hand signed by them all. Here are a couple of fans and the guys, don't they all look so happy :D

Now, as the title says, there is an exclusive competition on the blog. I have a few autographs of Dot SE.. AND in addition, YOU have an exclusive chance to win a limited edition hand SIGNED t-shirt from Dot SE! Below there will be details on how to win. But first, I have to say a huge thank you to Fanny Elmgren for arranging everything, you are awesome! And even more so, the majority of pictures in the blog are taken by her as well, so a big, big THANK YOU to you! :D

So how to win the t-shirt or an autograph?!

- Share your favourite post from the blog and comment on the post, why it is your favourite so I know
- Share, Like and comment on your favourite cover by Dot SE, Adam or Sam
 - Finally, you must be following us all on twitter (if that's the social media where you will share the post)

Don't forget to tag me and a Dot SE member in the tweet! ;)

I don't know when the winner will be picked, maybe Dot SE can decide? - stay tuned for that too, hahah

I hope you are happy to read this post and more so, I hope all of you readers take part! This competition is exclusive, just for you.

Other than preparing and rehearsing for the gig today, the guys have been busy enjoying the good weather, working, and preparing for what's to come next in the Dot SE chapter ;)

Have a good evening and thank you for reading :)

Farhaana xx 

Make sure you check out this post all about Westlife :) click here to read it - its one of my favourite posts I've written, ever. Dream BIG and your dreams WILL come true.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Did someone say Dot SE doing a live show? ;)

Man, it really does feel good to blog once in a while :)

This post is actually super exciting for me to write, since, well, have you read the title?! ;)

If you didn't know already, Dot SE are going to be playing at a festival in Halmstad, Sweden. The festival is known as "Gullbranna Festivalen"

The guys will be playing there on the 2nd of July at 13:45.

This is the second show that Dot SE are going to be playing live. They've already had rehearsals in Jonkoping when Johan came for the weekend, but I guess in their homes, it's rehearsal everyday when you sing all the time anyway :D lelele

I know that there are a lot of people out there who would love the opportunity to see the guys live, but, don't worry, you will see a lot more of them soon! I know for a fact, the guys are working super duper hard behind the scenes at the moment, to be continued in summer :) so keep a look out

Today, Adam announced on twitter that they will be selling limited edition t-shirts at the festival. If you're going to be there, make sure you get one! ;)

And if you're not going to be there, well, I guess the fact that you could get a signed autograph by the guys should make up for it? ;)
That's right, I have lots of autographs from Adam, Sam and a few from Johan, all ready to be given away :D

The next winner will be chosen tomorrow, because I'm going to go to the post office on Wednesday (24th of June), so be sure to tag me and a Dot SE member with your favourite post as soon as you can :D

Please note, I no longer have the autograph that has Simon pictured, that was sent to the previous winner. 

A quick update on what the guys are up to at the moment, Sam has taken a holiday to Turkey :D Johan is at his home, working, and forever posting pictures on instagram of food xD and Adam, well, he works nights, so I guess he's busy with work.

Thank you for reading as always, I was going to link a Dot SE cover in this post, but tomorrow is 3 years since Westlife split, and well, you should know that they are my favourite. So I linked the worlds best, singing one of my favourite songs by them, have a great night

Farhaana xx 

Saturday, 6 June 2015

So don't think it's in the past, these kinda wounds they last and they last.

It June already!! We're halfway through the year already, time flies

Since the last update, I spent the majority of May in Jonkoping, and came back to my home in the UK, this week. It was so incredibly good to be there

I'm writing this post today, well, because, guess who released a new cover? ;)

Oh yes, that's right, Dot SE! .. Well doh xD this blog is about them after all :P

The song they covered this time is Bad Blood by Taylor Swift

At the beginning they were unsure of if they were going to have a twitcam, but Adam and Sam made some time for you guys!

During the twitcam they spoke about the cover, the recording and all that good stuff.

This time, the guys have completely produced the backing track themselves - the cover of Bad Blood they have done, is not the rap version. They started editing everything at 9pm yesterday and didn't finish till 4am.

They spoke a little about the video, they recorded most of it on Johan's iPhone, as you can see in it, they didn't have long, because Johan had to go back to his home, because he had work. But, simple is good, its nice to strip everything back sometimes

During the twitcam Adam whipped his French skills out, after being asked if he can speak French. I have to say, I reckon this could be the first twitcam Sam didn't say Pero xD

The guys were answering a few questions during the twitcam amongst the usual banter between them both

What do you do in your free time (or something like that :P)

Sam - I play football, I like to party, I'm interested in girls, I like watching movies, I like to exercise and I like to eat.
Adam agreed to pretty much everything Sam said and he added the few things I like playing video games (#Videogamenerd ;D ), I like to hangout with friends, I like to party too.

As you can see, they have a lot of common interests :)
And then, well, the twitcam became, well maybe not so child friendly ;) hahaha

Tonight the guys have plans to watch the Champions League final tonight, Sam might stay with Adam and friends at Adam's place, or he may join his football team. He's then gonna eat food and go to party at the club! :)

Adam is staying in with friends at his place and will be watching the football, playing video games, and just having a good time :)

The guys put a few hints out that in Summer there focus is going to be on their Youtube channel, so keep an eye out and don't forget to subscribe to them, you don't want to miss it ;) They have a few original songs recorded too, so yeah, you get my point, SUBSCRIBE :D

Here is the new cover :D

Thank you for reading as always :)

Did you notice any changes on the blog? ;)

Weiii, check out the changes on my personal blog too by clicking in here, I'm sure you'll recognise someone their ;)

Farhaana xx

Friday, 8 May 2015

Voices tell me I should carry on.

Finally, another update!

Since the last one, Dot SE gathered in Stockholm to go to the annual event in Sweden known as Guldtuben.

The guys were in Stockholm from the 1st of  May till the 3rd of May

I'm sure they had a great weekend there, from the photo's it looks like they did!

They graced the red carpet looking quite dapper may I just add ;) 

Adam also took a break from all social media due to personal circumstances. I'm sure each and everyone of you hoped he is okay. And I'm sure that you're all there for him. But, his comeback to social media was with a cover, one of my all time favourites by the legendary Backstreet Boys, called Incomplete. 

The cover was done with Sam and man, I have to say, for me, it comes in as one of the best covers they've done, in every way. Sometimes, when you end up in situations music and the people that you are surrounded by, that care for you are the ones that bring you up. The lyrics paired with the video they have filmed are literally, genius. It's so emotionally raw that even from behind the computer screen, you can feel the pain, and it hurts. I can't put it into words, but lets just say, I felt a shiver down my spine.

Check out the video below 

And to conclude, a kick start to summer for Sam and Johan is that they have gone to Rhodes. They left today and there plan is to relax and write original songs, perfect right? - Sun, drinks and creativity. 

Thank you for reading as always, you're wonderful :) - and don't forget to share and tag me and a Dot SE member with your favourite post, you could get their autograph ;) 

Also, don't forget to check out my personal blog, I'm sure you'll like reading this post, after all, it relates, click here to read. 

Farhaana :) xx 

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Do you want it?

Hello wonderful DotSErs!

I just want to start this post with a big thank you to the wonderful people who are here reading, it means a lot that you chose to check in on the blog to read! In addition, I have an extra thank you to mention to the amazing people who are sharing the blog multiple times in a day - its so wonderful that you share my work :D  I'm so grateful to all of you who read in general and sharing definitely is caring ;) 

On to the post! Firstly, the I'd like to say that the winner of the autograph was Dot SE Argentina from twitter, I had no clue who the owner was until I said that they had won ;) But now, the autograph is on the way to her house :D And just so you're aware, I still have a few autograph's from the boys, so keep sharing, because you never know when you may be picked ;) 

Unfortunately, Dot SE weren't nominated for Guldtuben, but they will however be in Stockholm between the 1st and 3rd of May attending the events!

Johan is working as normal, and constantly updating on what he's eating on instagram xD hahah
Click here to follow him!

Sam recently recorded and released a cover of the Fast and Furious 7 - movie soundtrack! Its definitely one emotional song since it is in tribute to Paul Walker, give it a listen

As for Adam, a few bits and bobs to mention! He's decided to have two youtube channel's - his main, click here to go to it and his new one specially for gaming, click here to go to the channel.

And finally, to mention, #WednesdaySinging :)
Something that Adam has been doing for 11 weeks! And as the hashtag goes, every Wednesday at some point during the day, Adam has been releasing a video of him.. singing, doh ;) So far, its been awesome

Anyway I have to go, its time for bed

Thank you for reading as always, you're amazing :)

Click here to find out when I go back to Sweden :D

Farhaana xx