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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

God Jul = Merry Christmas :D

God Jul to every single one of you that is reading :) I hope you've had a wonderful day with your family and friends

As the guys promised, the Christmas surprises were released, the first one was a cover with all 3 guys.

 And one of the final Christmas surprises the guys did was a Adam and Sam Christmas cover. Unfortunately, because Johan was working and doesn't live in the same city as them, he couldn't be on the cover, but nevertheless, he sent his best wishes and said Merry Christmas :)

Adam and Sam recorded the cover during the week and recorded the video just before the release, it was all pretty much done in one shot. The cover is below, it's such a beautiful song :)

The guys plans for today were, Sam was working from 1-8, he was then going to his grandma's house, then back to his. He said that he wasn't into the whole Christmas food, so he was gonna eat a cheeseburger then go to Church at 11pm

Adam's plans were to sleep until 3 and watch donald duck (Kalle Anka) Basically spending the day with his family and of course, his computer xD

And since Dot SE had a couple of surprises, I thought of having a little competition through the blog :D Share any of your favourite posts, tag me and one of the guys in the tweet of facebook post and i'll pick the winner in the new year :D The prize will of course be an autograph of one of the guys, you can pick who - so if you win, you can take it as a delayed Christmas present - I was going to do the competition before, but I've had an operation, so I can't :/

Anyway, have a good night and Christmas Day :D
Remember Christmas is not just about getting, it's about giving, loving and appreciating those who love you the most :)

Thank you for reading, you're amazing :)

Farhaana xx

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Night Changes every night

Can you believe it's December and just a few weeks left till the end of this year, time flies..But weeiiii, there's a new Dot SE music blog update ;)

So what's been going on since the last update which was about two weeks ago, Johan has been to Jonkoping and the guys have recorded a brand new cover, their first ever cover as three!

They have literally worked at their day jobs during the day and work in the home studio at evening / night to get the cover made!

Adam and Sam held a twitcam which I've embedded below, it wasn't so long because Adam needed to get off to go to work, but in the twitcam, they mentioned that if you share a picture of the cover, they will like your picture just to show that they see your support.

The cover they did was by One Direction called Night Changes - I'd never even heard the song until they covered it and in all honestly once again, it's better than the original and so is the video :P Sorry One Direction xD

Sharing is caring, so please share :)

Adam also made a decision after his late night twitcam (click here for the post) - he is going to release any video's he records from now on Christmas day :D

Also, it was Sam and Johan's birthday this week (Sam on the 9th and Johan on the 10th) Happy Birthday again guys! I'm sure you had a great day and are gonna celebrate hard this weekend ;)

I think there could be something fun and interesting coming up - sooner than you think but you gotta stay tuned for that ;)

Thanks for reading

Farhaana xx

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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Help Adam decide

It's so lovely to know that Dot SE's fans are so supportive, in two days the blog has had a staggering amount of readers, over 800 to be precise, if you want to read the first post after 3 months, click here

I don't usually update the blog any-more at this time of night, but seen as I'm sick and have nothing else to do, I'm here :D

Adam (/ Sam) just had a twitcam, at what most people would call early early hours of the morning - Adam's normally at work, so I guess for him, it'd be like mid morning.. As for Sam, the bromance bond between them is just too strong to break, so Sam accompanied Adam on the twitcam through the phone, even though he has too wake up for work in 5 hours :P hahah

There was literally like 9 people watching the twitcam, but yeah, it was mainly like a conversation between Sam and Adam :P

The main reason Adam held the twitcam was he wanted an opinion about something he's planing other than the Christmas surprise with Dot SE ;) - Which he mentioned that Johan would be coming to Jonkoping at the end of the weekend to work with them, through till the beginning of next week.

So! What he wanted to get everyone's opinion about was... video's for his channel on youtube!

As you know, he tries his best to make videos every so often and upload them, but he came up with two ideas for Christmas (eve for some countries (24th of December))

So idea 1, idea 1 is too release 1 video every hour of Christmas, the video's he would release throughout the day would range from covers, to gaming and even funny videos. - The idea being, people can watch them throughout the day and also, people that can't spend Christmas with their own family can watch, for example, people that are in hospital or live away from home! However, it does mean that Adam has to stay awake for 24 hours x)

The second idea is to release a video every day on the countdown to Christmas! However, Adam pointed out, if he was to do this, he's gonna be super busy all the time.. but he didn't rule it out ;)

So yeah, that's a brief idea of what mainly happened in the twitcam :)

Zelda (Adam's new kitten) was fast asleep in her castle, so adorable :D

Other than that, have a good night or good day :)

Farhaana xx

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

A promise is a promise

I'm not one to break a promise so here we are.. If I said it feels like it's been a while, I'd be saying nothing but the truth, it's been 3 months :O

But! I promise there are good things to come in this over due post ;)

Throughout September the guys didn't really do much concerning music that they can share with the fans, but like always, they are working behind the scenes trying to find that record deal ;)

But, towards the end of the September, the guys made an announcement that they were going to perform at the Ljusfestival, in Grastorp, Johan's home city.

In order to practice for the performance, Johan came to Jonkoping the weekend before.. then finally the weekend came, for Dot SE's first ever live performance!

Below are loads of picture taken by friends of Dot SE and fans, all credit goes to them and thanks for letting me use them! Special shout out to Sanna for the video ;)

After the live performance, the support from fans to the guys was incredible, from sharing videos, the tweets, I'm sure for the guys it would have all been very humbling to have such a supportive and caring fan base.

In November Adam took the decision to move out from his parents and live in an apartment again! The apartment he has in near Sam's house. Below is a 'tour' of Adam's apart and so cosy it is

He continues to make his videos now and then on youtube - in which, one of the latest ones was when he shared a video of his new kitten named Zelda, she is so cute :)

Sam continues to work sometimes and in the spare time he's always singing, he recently released a cover, super good & the video is pretty smart ;)

As for Johan.. what can I say? His love for food, cars and shoes continues.. haha!

Now were coming up to December and there's only a month and a few days until new year..

Adam, recently updated the fans saying they would be having Christmas surprises, but your guess is as good as mine as to what it could be :P

I know that the guys haven't released a cover together for quite a few months, but they are working so that they can do it again soon!

I'm thinking of having a competition again where you can get one of the guys autographs.. me and Adam were meant to be doing one but I'm not sure what happened about that x) But anyway, when I finally get things organised, all you'll have to do is share a post and tag me in the tweet!

Have a good night & thanks for reading, you are amazing

Farhaana xx

I booked tickets to see Blue live and got 2 copies of their new album, click here to read more 

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Lets make the next Autumn the best we've ever had

It's been around one week or something since I updated the blog last, in the previous posts I filled you guys in about Dot SE's #TwitcamDays! In case you missed them, check them out below:

- Johan's twitcam
- Adam's twitcam 
- Sam's twitcam 

Leading on from that, in the post about Sam's twitcam, I mentioned if you hadn't already heard from the guys themselves that Adam and Sam were heading out to Turkey on holiday with friends, they've now returned back to Sweden and have had a great week! A few pictures are below to see what they got up too ;)

They also won a karaoke competition in a karaoke bar in Antalya - it was great seeing them sing a song that Adam has previously covered, and they both smashed it, I guess you could say that they are ready for the spotlight now, meaning the stage along with Johan ..Check out there performance by watching the video :)

Upon return, I think it's safe to say after their fun, refreshing holiday, the boys are ready to work harder than ever to make the music and for it to finally be released! - Stay tuned for Autumn ;) As Adam says, dream big and your dreams come true ;)

Johan has been waiting on the guys return so they can all start working as a trio, in between this, he's been enjoying as much of the weather as possible, as it's been raining in Sweden quite often :/ but nevertheless, the pictures show he is having a good time!

Anyway, have a great weekend, hopefully soon, there will be something fun for the readers going on :D

Have a great Sunday

Farhaana xx

This time last year, I was in Jonkoping and it was lovely.. the blue barrel brings back good memories ;P
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Friday, 15 August 2014

Sam's twitcam

Hi guys, girls and everyone who's reading!

Today was the final day of #TwitcamDays and your host was Sam!

He started out by again talking about Dot SE and the whole situation with Simon, he said sorry and that just like it's been hard on you fans, it's been hard on the guys too!

He got asked loads of question just like Adam and Johan,

What have you been up to today? 
- I have been at work all day, it was my last day today

What do you work as?
- I work at a hospital in Jonkoping called Ryhov, I take medicine packages to different hospitals and doctors

How long are you going to Turkey for? 
- Me, Adam and six other friends are going for 1 week to Turkey, we are leaving to drive at 2am

Do you like travelling?
- I love travelling, I feel like I'm at home when I travel because I love it so much

What's your favourite flavour of Celsius? 
- Wild Berry and Lime, whenever I buy it I always buy two and it's always those two! (I just gotta say, I completely agree with Sam!)

Do you like Italy?
- I love Italy

What's your favourite song at the moment? 
- Promises - Wiz Khalifa, What I Do - Chris Brown

Do you like Katy Perry? 
- I don't normally listen to her, but she has good music!

Do you want Lakerol (type of a swedish sweet) 
- Actually, I used to eat around 12 packets a day, but I've not had it in a very long time

Who are your male inspirations? 
- Chris Brown and Leonardo DiCaprio

What's your favourite game for an iPad? 
- Actually, I don't have on iPad, but for the iPhone it's true skate

What's your favourite colour?
- Sky blue, like twitter blue and red, like liverpool red

Will you use the original songs you already have with Simon's voice in or? 
- No we won't, we have to start concentrating on us and promoting ourself

Will you work with Simon in the future? 
- I can't promise anything but it would be cool if we did

Do you read this blog? 
- Actually yes, I read the last two post - Click here and here to read them

Did you watch Johan's twitcam? 
- No, I had a football match, we lost, but I scored one goal -  but you can catch up here

What position do you play in football? 
- Either a striker or right midfielder

What's your favourite One2Five cover and Dot SE cover? 
- Don't Wake Me Up, as you know I like Chris Brown and I like the harmonies in it.
- I like Roar for Dot SE because we weren't sure at first on how to do the video and the result turned out really good, I'm proud of it and We Can't Stop it's the most successful

Do you talk to Michael? 
- No, it's been about 1 year, but I read his messages and I'm really grateful, he's a hard working guy and deserves to get what he wants

Sam then went on to talk about drinking and self harm as someone tweeted him. He said don't drink until you're 18 it's not good for you. And about self harm he said that if someone is hurting you, don't hurt yourself even more, a big no on self harm, don't do it!

Before the end on the twitcam he said that after him and Adam are back from Turkey they will start working again together with Johan as Dot SE, they will work harder than ever because literally, it's now or never, we've been close a couple of times, we all know what we want so it's now, we will work as hard as we can!

And that's it! It was a good twitcam and lots of questions were answered!
Sam saved it so if you want to watch it, scroll down below, last but not least, have fun in Tukey Adam and Sam :)

And everyone else, have a great weekend :D

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Adam's twitcam :)

So firstly I gotta say I'm so grateful to all you wonderful readers! In the past two days the blog statistics have blown up.. and I mean literally! The reader count is top secret between me and the band, but I'm so, so, so, humbled and I'm pretty sure that the guys feel the same!

There have been two posts, click here and here to read it :)

Today was day 2 of #TwitcamDays with Dot SE and today Adam was the host!

He kick started by answering the normal questions how are you and so on .. it's Adam, he's smiley all the time :) hahah

He went on to speak about the whole Dot SE situation and Simon, with all due respect, he didn't want to speak about it which is absolutely fair enough on his part as he just wanted to have the 20 minute twitcam to be positive and talk with everyone watching and tell people about the future and good news! :D

Adam was also asked what his favourite song was right now -
He couldn't decide but he said that during the night at work, he listens to so much music like Eminem and Westlife.. he went on too say that while he works, he noticed things that he never has done before like an artist or band that you think is really really good, normally have 3 main amazing songs on an album and the rest of the songs fill it up but aren't necessarily amazing.

A lot of fans that were watching were curious as to when Adam's gonna record and release another Wednesday singing video on his youtube channel, he said that he would do one but couldn't record one after the twitcam because his Mom was sleeping as she also works night shifts.

He got asked tons of questions throughout the twitcam here are the majority:

What do you think about Sweden?
- I love Sweden, the city I grew up in has given me the perfect tools for life

When will you release the learn Swedish with Adam video?
- I definitely will release it, it's just I have like 5 huge ideas for it

What's your favourite Dot SE cover?
- Heartbreaker / Your're all that matters to me, it's my favourite because we mean every word, as a singer when you sing, you need to be able to feel the emotion and in that song, it feels like we all mean every word we sing

What do you think about Italy?
- I've never been but I've heard it has good pasta, good pizza and beautiful girls

Will you ever do a cover next to the Eiffel Tower?
- That would be cool!

What inspired you to sing?
- Actually, in 2004 the first episode of Swedish Idol was aired and I sat a guy called Darin sing Un-break My Heart by Toni Braxton, I thought his voice was so angelic and incredible.. plus the response from the girls in the crowd was amazing! After watching I went out that night with headphones in and was determined to sing. I sang for a few months, after I heard a recording I hated my voice and was so close to giving up, but I worked super hard. At first it was because of girls and getting famous, but it singing makes me feel happy. It's a way for me to express my inner feelings. You should all try singing, even if it doesn't sound good, do it for fun :D

Favourite country apart from Sweden?
- Thailand I went back packing there fore 3 months

Rihanna or Katy Perry?
- Katy Perry

(not a question) You look like Luke Hemmings
- I've never been compared to him before! It must be my hair, but there will be a new video to say which hair I keep soon!

How long does it take for you to do your hair?
- This style, literally 40 seconds

Adam went on to mention that him and Sam are heading to Turkey with friends for 1 week. They are going to relax and enjoy the sun there :) Once he's back he's going to buy a computer so that he can record covers, so there will loads more, as right now, he's dependant on Sam, because it's Sam's computer that can record the covers so once he has his own, he will be able to record tons more! But he does have around four Super Mario episodes ready to be edited :)

He spoke about a competition that he mentioned about on his last twitcam, he said he hasn't forgotten about it, but he'll sort things out once he's back from Turkey because he needs to send the prize to a friend, but if you know him, it's something that he loves that he wants to give

Since the band lost a member, the three guys are working harder than ever, they are constantly texting, online meetings everyday, there is more talking about the future than ever before! They guys they would have been signed by in Stockholm are still interested and there is plans for a single and album to be released this fall. Between Adam, Sam and Johan there are talks of whether they can continue as a trio or do they need a fourth member? Adam took the opportunity to thank everyone who have been with them through the hard times, he feels blessed and humbled. The band will never stop aiming high and they hope to meet Simon at the top.

And that's it, Adam's twitcam lasted longer than 20 minutes, it was around half an hour, but it was good to be able to catch up with him! Sam also clocked in for a little while too :D

And you guys are super luck because Adam actually saved it ;) haha!

Have a good evening :) and tomorrow, I'll be back with Sam's twitcam summary