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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Adam Lundgren

This post, this post is a special, exclusive, inside, friend inside, insider post into Adam, the one and only Adam Lundgren, best known as, Adam from Dot SE. (You know, I come up with the long tongue twisting sentences xD haha)

As it says, this post is for all the people who want to know Adam just that little bit more, it's going to answer all your questions, where he lives, his phone number, email address, shoe size, clothes size.. you name it! (Hahahah, I joke, of course, some of what I just wrote, I will tell, but some I won't, I mean, I don't think Adam will appreciate me doing that, you know, there is a risk of fan girls turning up outside his house & his phone to blow up from phone calls and I know for sure, he doesn't want that to happen xD) But anyway, enough of my fantastic jokes, I'll go ahead and start the post! ;)

Full name: Adam Kenth Lundgren

Birth date: 2nd of March 1988

Lives: Jonkoping, Sweden

Languages: Swedish and English (can say a few words and sentences in French.)

Studied at: Per Brahegymnasiet

Favourite quote: "Dream BIG" / "Dream BIG and your dreams come true"

Personal Twitter

Personal Instagram

Personal Youtube

Personal Facebook page

Eye colour: Blue/Grey

Hair colour: Blonde

Tattoos: 3 (star on his elbow which was his first ever tattoo that he got in 2008, full sleeve on one arm, a tattoo on the top of his back, not many people know what it is, just friends and family! ;)) - he wants more tattoo's. 

Piercings: 3 - Both ears and lip 

Height: 178cm

Shoe size: 42

Shirt size: Medium

Favourite number: 7

Siblings: 1 younger sister

Favourite band: Westlife

Favourite singers: Brian McFadden and Lee Ryan

Favourite song: Queen of My Heart

Dream date: Jessica Alba

Single or Taken: ;))

Interests: Working out, singing & playing video games 

Favourite country apart from Sweden: Thailand 

Personal qualities: Caring, funny, trustworthy, kind, overall a lovely guy 

Lets back track to the early days, on how Adam began to sing.. he was just 16.. lets put that in proportion, the guy is 26 now (21 at heart though!!) I'm not going to go into detail of the first time Adam sang, but believe it or not, when he first started out, he didn't know if he even like his singing voice or not, hard to believe, right?!

Anyway, fast forward a few years to I don't know, lets say 2010 / 2011.. still long before Dot SE were around. Adam, back then was a solo artist! A solo artist known as Adam Bodus, the story behind his solo name is the cutest.. his imaginary friend when he was a young child was called Bodus and that's how his artist name came about :)) .. He occasionally did covers alone and with Sam, to name a few, It Girl, Just The Way You Are, Common Denominator and On My Mind. During his solo days, he did apply to Swedish Idol. In this time, he even released a single on iTunes, that was recorded and Mastered in just 14 hours!!

Add one year more and your at May 2012.. the formation of One2Five.. Adam and the other four created the band. Keep in mind, he's never had any singing lessons!!

Fast forward to January 2013, the guys were in LA... from One2Five, the guys lost a member and became Dot SE and if you look at the date, today is the 28th of May and here we are.. Adam's a band member in Dot SE and working hard to make his dreams come true!

I hope that those of you that didn't know a lot about Adam now do :D

Check out the funny side of Adam.. and how to get abs.. it's clearly working for him xD hahah

But, for now, I leave you with a cover that gives me goosebumps virtually every time I listen to it, his incredible voice right there.

This is an all time favourite post!! Check it out by clicking here ;)

Thank you for reading as always, you're more amazing than you can even imagine!!
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Throwback to february 2013!! 

Farhaana :) xx

*** Don't faint .. evidently Adam's workout in the park, works xD ****

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The dream is livin'

Hey there, yes, you behind that screen, reading what I write ;)

I finally have time to update the blog, within 1 week!! (if you're happy and you know it clap your hands) i expect you all to be clapping xD hahah

I have a reason to update the blog, well, Samme released a new cover! It's good too see him behind the mic again! Great job Sam, and like you said in the description, many people are waiting for the original music to be recorded and released ;) 

Adam's back at his funny business... And video gaming as normal, he is a video game nerd after all, all he needs is the geeky glasses to go with it .. hahaha, sorry Adde :*

Check out his perfect English below and I don't know, him playing in the park or something like that xD but also, a little heads up, don't press skip on any ads that come up because it earns Adam some dollar ;) 

Owl Adam

I've not heard much from Johan, but here's throw back from summer of him and Simon!

Speaking of Simon he's keeping fit by starting back at boxing! And he's studying hard to get his drivers licence :) Keep at it Simon! 

Other than that, there's nothing more to say, don't forget to keep sharing the blog, tag me and a Dot SE member in the tweet to be able to win the guys autographs! (you must be following us both) :) 

Have a wonderful day

Farhaana :) 

Click here to read more about what I was up to yesterday 

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Make A Wish!

Hello, Hello familiar readers, I know who you are. I can see you.

I can't really but you know xD But anyway, HI! It's been a while again :/ but, but, but, I guess that's what makes you guys all the more eager to know what's been happening with Dot SE, right? ;) Anyone would think that I'm physic you know ;D I know you're all thinking that, or that I'm crazy, either one is fine with me xD ... hmm, I think I'm just going to shut up now and talk or write about Dot SE since that's the whole point of updating ;P

So Dot SE, where do I begin?! Firstly, I gotta know, were you guys happy with the surprise post by Adam?! I think for the first time he's ever blogged on this blog .. he did a great job!

Moving on, 2 weeks ago, Dot SE released another cover, yet again by Katy Perry! Anyone would think the four of them are Katy Perry fan girls ;) but no, I guess, right now, she's quite in the limelight and the songs suit the guys personal situations and the atmosphere in their lives :P And mainly, the song suits their voices!!

The Birthday cover video has a little spin on it though, because I saw that some of you fans are in it?! How cool! You can buy the cover here and listen to it on spotify here. Not only that, but I discovered a new tradition that Dot SE have started, having a tea bag on your birthday cake xD ... if you don't get me, watch till the very end and all will be revealed ;)

Other than that, at the moment the guys haven't worked so much on the band, I believe, right now, it's all behind the scene work for their album ;)

BUT! That doesn't mean that there hasn't been other things happening with the guys, lets take Adam first, yes, you know it, as usual! He's a friend, it's only fair that I'm biased towards him ;)

Firstly, Adam had his hair cut, short! When I say short, it really is!! It really looks good in my opinion ;) *cough* Biased *cough* ;P The question is, now that his hair is short again, after having his long hair for a long long time, does Adam prefer it short or long?

Next, take this a warning from the guys himself, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. HAHAHA and if you do, you're out of your mind xD
I always say that Adam is a guy of many talents, but to put it frankly, kick-biking is not one of them xD I'm not saying anything more, the video speaks for itself!  Bra jobb Adde!!! He definitely has waaaaay too much free time on his hands ;D (Do not take what I said or the video seriously, it's all a big joke ;) )

Those purple boxers though :P Hahah... HMM, what I mean is, look at those white converse ;)

Sam's been working hard! He's training a lot with his football team at the moment, plus he's back working at his old job. In between all this, he recorded a cover with Adam, like back in the day ;) The cover they both did was You and I by One Direction! They've both done a smashing job on it and those high notes that Sam pulls, he nailed it indeed! He's currently also working on a solo cover of a Justin Timberlake song ;)

Johan has disappeared from planet earth! The last time I spoke to him, I swear was last year!! :O
And as for Simon, who is he again?! HAHA. I kid, but yeah, I don't really know what he's up to much either, I know that he's taking up learning how to drive :D So soon 4/4 of Dot SE will be able to drive! Awesome right,  not that it makes a difference to you guys :P hahah

Last but not least, share any post from the blog and choose from either Dot SE's covers, "She Looks So Perfect" or "Birthday" share them and tag me and a Dot SE member in the tweet to get their signed pictures! I've already sent two signed pictures of Adam and Sam to two lucky girls ;)

Take care! And have a great Friday and weekend ;D

Farhaana xx

I ordered Joe's new album, not one, but two, who's the second one for though?! ;)))))) 

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Adam's guest post :)

Hi guys!
Adam here! Today I’m doing a guest blog post here on the world’s biggest Dot SE blog :D
I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that supports us, you are our reason to keep working harder than ever to make the music as good as possible! I know that some of you (well, probably most of you) are patiently waiting for original music - so are we. It’s coming, I promise you that ;)

I will do some blog posts now and then here on this blog, to keep you updated on what’s new. I know Farhaana is already doing a great job so a big shoutout to you! :)

Hope you liked our new cover of She Looks So Perfect :D

Love Adam 


Surprise guys! I'm sure you all know who Adam is, he needs no introduction ;) Thanks again buddy! Hopefully once Dot SE are back in Stockholm or before going, or whenever he feels like it,  Adam is hopefully gonna help out to keep you fans a little more updated and I guess, this is the perfect way to keep all there information together where he can write more than just on one tweet! And if you comment back on the posts he will be able to read it and if you have questions he or me can answer! I'm sure next time, he'll update when he has more things to talk about, like a new cover or maybe original music ;)) mihihi 

A little reminder for you, if you want to be in Dot SE's new cover, Birthday, send a video of you, roughly 5-10 seconds long, celebrating :) then send it to .. if you can, send it soon ;) Take note though, it's not guaranteed that everyone who sends a video will be in it though, because there are so many of you fans. 

As for now, just share any post from the blog and the new Dot SE cover, She Looks So Perfect and you can get Adam, Sam's or both of their autograph's, make sure I know where you share it, you can find me on twitter @Farhaana_ and tag Dot SE or a Dot SE member in the tweet! 

Check out yesterday's update to find out all the latest information on Dot SE, exclusive pictures from Guldtuben are in it ;) click here to read more 

Thanks again Adam for doing the blog post so soon, you're a star!! 

This here is my favourite post on my blog. Lots of good memories and seeing people that I care about :) 

Take care and have a great week!

Farhaana xx

(S) He Looks So Perfect

The last time I updated this blog was around 1 month ago, the longest ever time I've not blogged about Dot SE, there is a real good reason behind why I haven't. I'm not to saying why, but the people behind the reason why I didn't blog, should know why I didn't. Actually, funnily enough, a lot of you Dot SE fans thought that the last post was the end of the blog altogether.. But no, this is the biggest blog in the world about Dot SE and the fun stuff is still to come ;D

So, with a freshly updated, new layout, updated pictures and header and widgets, I'm here to bring you all the latest news form Dot SE! In the one month since I updated the blog, a few Dot SE covers have been released and the guys have been to Stockholm twice!

The new covers that have been released are "Wild Wild Love" and "I Want It All" and "She Looks So Perfect"
In my honest opinion I absolutely love the song "Wild Wild Love" and to have a familiar voice of Dot SE singing it, kinda makes it much better ;) Check it out right here on youtube and buy it on iTunes.

As for the cover of I Want It All.. it's brilliant. HAHA. I mean, just look at them! I personally think Sam looked like a young beardless version of Dumbledore, haha.. Absolutely brilliant! Again, you can watch the cover here and buy it on iTunes.

The guys were back up in Stockholm city 2 weeks ago. Again recording more covers and this time, the trip was a little extra special as they were part of the big event that takes place in Sweden, Guldtuben. Guldtuben is I guess in a simple way to explain it is awards for youtube artists in Sweden. This was officially Dot SE's first time on a red carpet... everybody say OOO or "say yeah, yeah" .. I have exclusive pictures for you! Can you spot Dot SE or members of Dot SE in them? ;)

The cover's recorded in their time in Stockholm were "She Looks So Perfect" by 5 Seconds of Summer and "Birthday" by Katy Perry. The video for Birthday will hopefully be released at the beginning of next week.
The cover video has been released and you can buy it on iTunes here. I have to say, this could be my personal favourite upbeat song the guys have done. My overall favourite they've done is Unconditionally, but the version that's not been re-mastered.

The guys are always keeping busy, you know, playing video games, singing, working out and in Adam's case, travelling to Skane and back, or have a special someone at his house, in Jonkoping :) - Also Simon revealed his girlfriend, although I knew, it wasn't my place to say, just like the other guys ;) When they feel it's right, they will tell!

Like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, the guys are continuously working out to maintain or improve their body structure, or muscle size... just because I own this blog and I can.. Adam's muscles still rule, forever and always ;P haha.Other than that Adam's continued over on his gaming youtube channel at the moment it seems like Studio Clash of Clans has stopped, but a birdy told me would be starting again, very soon and he started a making video's about League of Legends which you can watch by clicking here. and he did mention that he was going to release some video's on his personal youtube and he dropped the first one, which was like an introduction type video, he's to cute sometimes :)

Sam's been keeping himself really busy too, he headed over to the Netherlands with his football team for training, for three days! And of course, working out, playing video games! And as an Easter surprise Adam and Sam have begun work on a duo cover of You and I by One Direction! It's gonna be like the good old days, we're talking type 2011/ 2012 here! Personally, I can't wait to see the result ;) In addition to all this, he went on a photo shoot with a friend.. the middle picture is one of them!

Johan has also been busy, working out, working hard and he earned himself his own car ;)

Last but not least, I mentioned Simon above, Happy birthday first of all! I'm sure you had a good day with loved ones and enjoyed the cookies that fans have been sending to you! He also has been taking care of his skin by visiting a spa! Last but not least, his moustache went on a vacation, the question is, when is it returning?! :O haha

Now that I've wrote on the blog I realise that it has been a while, but the break was needed for people and I guess so you know what it would be like if it's not there ;P And to those of you that have been messaging me on fb and twitter, here is your update, haha!

BUT! This update is super and extra special I guess, because in the next post coming VERY soon, it's not going to be written by me, I'm not sure if you fans will know the person who will update the blog on the next post, but you will all have to wait and see for that ;)

Anyway, don't forget, share your favourite post from this blog and Dot SE's new cover to be in with a chance of winning Adam or Sam's autograph or both, a winner will be announced on Monday and the autograph will be posted on Tuesday, guaranteed!! Make sure I know you have shared a blog post and the new cover and tag me or Dot SE or a Dot SE member in the tweet you cannfind me @Farhaana_ :)

I've said many times before that I do care and I don't break promises, ever, unless there is a good reason to do so :)

Have a good day or should I say night since it's 2am here in the UK :P haha!

Good night

Farhaana xx

This is what I've been up too ;) I saw the Backstreet Boys :D The Vamps, The Wanted and Elyar Fox! 

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Translated interview, New cover and 1 year since Heart Attack.

Wow, it's been a long time since I updated here.. I actually didn't intend to update for a very long time, but then, you know, I'm not the type to go back on my word, so here I am, updating you on Dot SE. 

So it's been more than 3 weeks since I was last in Jonkoping now :( Time does fly!! I met Adam and Sam on the last day before coming back to my house in the UK. We did speak about a few things but I guess Adam forgot what he said. On the same day, it was Adam's birthday.. hihi, I know he liked one of his presents ;) and also on the same day in the morning prior to meeting me, both Adam and Sam had an exclusive interview with Jmini (a news website in Jonkoping.) The interview is super long and I guess gives you more of an insight into the boys if you don't know them very well, if you do, well then it's just the usual ;P You can read more on me meeting the guys here. 

Below is the translation.. No copyright intended with the translation.. Jmini reserves all rights. 

Jmini have met super nice Adam Lundgren and Samuel Danielsson in Dot SE.
Adam Lundgren and Samuel Danielsson grew up on the same street in Jönköping, but it is only the last four years, since Samuel began posting covers on YouTube, that they have become more known.
In 2010 Adam and Sam recorded a cover of Next to you, and discovered that it was much more fun to  record together, and that it generated even more views on Youtube.
Simon Samaeng had, from another part of Sweden, put up his own covers on Youtube before he contacted Samuel - and Johan Hammenfors came into the picture when he shared a room with Samuel during the auditions of X-factor. A few weeks later with Michael, the member that was told to leave, the five of them met up and recorded Payphone, which today is the video with the most views, namely 1.3 million.
This is the story behind the boy band Dot SE.
- My mother thought we should play  under the name "Listen and Die," said Samuel.
- We hope that dying would be aimed at how good we were, says Adam.
Tell us something extraordinary about yourselves:
Adam: I can stand on hands for a very long time. I trained to do it the a whole summer.
Samuel: My football coach once said that "Sam is the shortest in the team, but he nods f*cking better", so yes, I am a nodder, it's my thing.
How did you come about and release you all had the same dream?
Samuel: I got a guitar from my parents when I was in third grade, and I do not remember now, but I must obviously have had an interest in music. It was old and black, but nice. Later I changed over to the acoustic guitar when I discovered that I probably was not a heavy metal guy.
Adam: I started singing after I heard Darin perform on Idol 2004. You could see the responses from the girls.
Was it for the girls' sake you started singing, Adam? - I think all the guys really start to sing for the girls' sake. But then I also discovered how liberating it was to be able to let out all the emotions. However, I was very bad at singing then, and I thought I sounded great when I heard myself sing, but it was only after a year that I recorded myself, and then I thought it sounded so terrible that I quit during a few weeks. But then I realized how good I was doing the singing, and began again. I've trained up my voice. I took lessons in acoustic guitar for four years as well, but everyone in the band can play the guitar.
How are you as boyfriends?
Samuel: I am damn good. The best boyfriend.
Adam: I think we both are romantic, not Valentine's Day romantic perhaps, but it's the little things a regular Tuesday night that we do.
Samuel: Girls do like surprises, so I like to surprise them. And sometimes it's nice with light candles and rose petals.
How is the perfect girlfriend?
Adam: It's good if she can be understanding. It is clear that it is stressful if one is partly travelling much elsewhere, but it's certainly not impossible to make it work. Just look at the guys in Westlife for example, they managed to combine family and tour life.
Samuel: She should be supportive, kind and nice. She may well be brunette and have long, fine hair parted in the middle. And rather be pretty than handsome, but like a combination. She may well be short too, because I'm pretty short, only 1.73.
Adam: I fall for a personality, and then everything just becomes beautiful. I even think that I wrote about it the other day on Twitter. But the most important thing is trust.
Do you have a large fan base?
Samuel: It depends on what counts as big. We have 70,000 subscribers on Youtube anyway.
What is the craziest one fan made, have you been using underwear at some point?
Adam: No, no underwear, but Snapchat photo's, what they represent, I would not, however, go into detail.
Samuel: One time I had been abroad with my family, and there were a couple of girls who knew about it and that the band would meet me up at the airport, so they had spent the night at the airport.
Adam: But they were really cute and they trembled at the voice, it was a great feeling. It's awesome to be able to touch someone like that. But I felt a bit sorry for those who got to sleep there: it can not have been comfortable.
Samuel: We would have reacted the same way if it was us who got to meet our idols. But it's a different feeling when you are the one who it is.
What different roles have you in the band?
Adam: I can not see any of us that bad boy directly.
What is the most dangerous thing you have done, then?
Adam: I almost jumped bungee jumping once. I stood in the queue, and then I went from there. I was terrified.
Samuel: I tried sushi once. And then I tested almost one more time.When you play in a band, it's always two who likes sushi, one who is willing to sacrifice himself, and one that only comes with.

Samuel, what foods do you like?
Hamburgers, pizza with french fries and chicken, but not cooked vegetables, onions or mushrooms.
And ground beef, I like, but it may well be a bit difficult to order.
What makes a perfect Tuesday night out?
Sam and Adam: We play a lot of League of Legends. Overall, we like to play both the television and computer games.
Samuel: Anything with appliances, however. Since we practice a lot together and I play football.
A perfect Friday night then?
Adam: At home and take it easy, we do not party that much, but it is best exercise and health.
Samuel: It's a demanding profession to sing, and you can not sing directly after partying hard.
We are generally pretty quiet guys.
You ever get tired of each other?
Adam: No, then, see you not so often, and once we do that, we have so much fun together. It is important to have good personal chemistry, when we started talking, which we had not sung together yet, but we have seen over the weekend and recorded Payphone, and then it felt so founded when we discovered that "yes, we really work together."
Samuel: When playing in a band, you always have someone you can joke with.
Adam: And there's always someone who will listen.
Adam: But Johan is very absent-minded, he can forget about a guitar here and there, and he can swing by several meters behind us when we go somewhere.
Samuel: But there are things that happen, and very often. But the laughs we just ate.
How does it work when you live in different cities?
Adam: We have daily contact, and Facebook and SMS groups. And twice a week, we have online meetings. Then we'll meet at least once a month, and then we met a lot in Jönköping.
Samuel: When we meet in Jönköping we are at my house, where we have our home studio, and everyone slept over. We have had crazy fun together.
Adam: Pillow fighting and jokes aside.
Have you played live?
Adam: There have not been any of that yet. We have received offers of a festival in Spain and gigs in the U.S. and Denmark.
Samuel: And at Café Opera in Stockholm.
Adam: Given that it's pretty weird that we have not done any gigs, but ultimately we want to be on stage and sing our original songs.
Samuel: That sounds really stupid in hindsight, but I think we have to wait until we can do an original gig. It's probably hard to remember a cover band. And once we have the original music we can play every day if this is so.
Have you very own material?
Adam: We have 25-30 original songs. We have partnered with several major songwriters, including the songwriter behind Demi Lovato's song Skyscraper, and songwriter behind Un-break my heart.
Samuel: It's basically just Max Martin, we have not worked with yet. But on the other hand, we have seen him.
What is the dream?
Samuel: A tour in the U.S., maybe London.
Adam: And throughout Asia. In Asia, there is such a hype, just check out the merchandise there. We look very big and you notice that there is a pressure for us.
What do you have in mind for the future? 
Adam: The idea is that we will be releasing an album anytime this summer if we are to think big. There are so many great boy bands and we have yet to spot a hit single, we need to have. However, we have single two and three. But probably very soon, we will collaborate with many talented Swedish songwriters too, and they can write good pop music.
Finally, when I ask if I have failed to pick up something, Adam says, "We want to thank our fans for all the support. You really means everything to us. "
You guys are super nice. How can you be so humble?
The question is followed by a happy high five the guys in between.
Samuel: We've had regular jobs. It is easier to track if you, like Justin Bieber,
Everything begins very early and we do not know anything else. I think we benefit from being humble. When we are four, we can keep an eye on each other too, and if someone decides to derail and stand on his hands, the other says "no, do not do it." Yes, you got it.
 Desirée Abrahamsson

So that was the interview with half of Dot SE! I must say, the favourite part of the interview for me was when Adam compares "the famous life" with how Westlife worked out.. but I guess that's because I freaking love Westlife :') 

Okay back to Dot SE. 

After the interview, a few days lates, the boys hit the studio again in Stockholm. They recorded three more songs there and 1 has already been released, they recorded a cover of Me and My Broken Heart, which had already been released, the next cover is of Wild Wild Love which will be released on Friday with a twitcam held by Adam and Sam. 

Other than that I hardly speak to any of the members of Dot SE now, so I have absolutely no clue what they are up too. I did contact Adam nearly 3 weeks ago to see if the guys were up for something to help with the blog (we spoke about it when we met) but I haven't heard anything back, but when I do, I'm sure you guys will definitely know about it ;) 


 On that note, the new cover video, I gotta say, this could be one of my favourite covers the guys have done, it's so different from the usual stuff they cover and they video is different too, I like it.. plus they chose such a good catchy song to cover! - They always do a good job on their covers!  

Speaking of covers, today is exactly 1 year since you guys got to see the first ever Dot SE cover that now sits at nearly 365,000 views. Heart Attack was the first ever cover the guys did after they reformed the band to Dot SE from One2Five. 

Sam and Simon have set up instagram pages where you can buy their clothes that they no longer use, which they have worn in previous covers, you can find the pages below.. 

Both Adam and Sam have reached 10,000 followers on twitter, it's taken them two years to get there, so major congratulations to you both! I still remember back in the day when they had like less than 1,000 followers!! It just shows that people do and can stay loyal to people that you care about. 

Once again, Adam is constantly trying to keep you fans updated, he's been working super hard on photoshop and below are the results! :) 

I now leave you guys on a fully updated page on Dot SE, I will try my best to keep you updated and so on with the guys.. hopefully I shall hear from Adam soon!  

Also don't forget, I could pick someone to get Adam's autograph or Sam's any time, just keep reading and sharing your favourite posts from the blog and make sure I know about it ;) 

Love Farhaana xx 

New update 

I met Kian Egan from Westlife :'D ---> Read More 

Monday, 3 March 2014

Meeting Adam and Sam :)

Hello from England guys! I'm now back at my house in the UK. In case you didn't know, I've been in Jonkoping for the past 11 days :)

I finally met up with Adam and Sam yesterday, on Adam's birthday :) ...After the big confusion in the morning... hahaha, I'll not go into detail though, but I definitely know where Juneporten is now xD sorry once again guys :( But anyway, we met up and had a good chat! I met them both together after one year ;) You can read more about the day and time with them here.

The future is looking good for the band ;D ... lots of exciting things are going to be happening soon, and in the near future, but I'll let the guys reveal that to you first then it will go up on the blog ;)

Lucky for you, the guys kindly signed autographs which will soon become prizes for you wonderful readers :)

One last time, Happy birthday once again Adam for yesterday.. hope you liked your presents ;) hihi
Thanks for meeting up guys it was super fun, lots of laughter and smiles..  hopefully I'll see you sometime soon :)

A few pictures from the afternoon with them are below :)

Last but not least, I translated the whole Frida interview with my lovely cousin from Swedish to English, thank you again sweetie :) If you want to read it, click here. Take Note: You cannot reprint the translation without credit and acknowledgement. - © Farhaana Kapasi- 2014.

I'll keep you updated when Dot SE are back in the Studio this week in Stockholm ;)

And that's it! Keep your eyes peeled, you never know when I'll be picking a winner for the autographs! And this time, you can choose out of the ones I got ;)

Much love,
// Farhaana xx

New update, pictures with Adam and Sam too! :) --->