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Friday, 15 August 2014

Sam's twitcam

Hi guys, girls and everyone who's reading!

Today was the final day of #TwitcamDays and your host was Sam!

He started out by again talking about Dot SE and the whole situation with Simon, he said sorry and that just like it's been hard on you fans, it's been hard on the guys too!

He got asked loads of question just like Adam and Johan,

What have you been up to today? 
- I have been at work all day, it was my last day today

What do you work as?
- I work at a hospital in Jonkoping called Ryhov, I take medicine packages to different hospitals and doctors

How long are you going to Turkey for? 
- Me, Adam and six other friends are going for 1 week to Turkey, we are leaving to drive at 2am

Do you like travelling?
- I love travelling, I feel like I'm at home when I travel because I love it so much

What's your favourite flavour of Celsius? 
- Wild Berry and Lime, whenever I buy it I always buy two and it's always those two! (I just gotta say, I completely agree with Sam!)

Do you like Italy?
- I love Italy

What's your favourite song at the moment? 
- Promises - Wiz Khalifa, What I Do - Chris Brown

Do you like Katy Perry? 
- I don't normally listen to her, but she has good music!

Do you want Lakerol (type of a swedish sweet) 
- Actually, I used to eat around 12 packets a day, but I've not had it in a very long time

Who are your male inspirations? 
- Chris Brown and Leonardo DiCaprio

What's your favourite game for an iPad? 
- Actually, I don't have on iPad, but for the iPhone it's true skate

What's your favourite colour?
- Sky blue, like twitter blue and red, like liverpool red

Will you use the original songs you already have with Simon's voice in or? 
- No we won't, we have to start concentrating on us and promoting ourself

Will you work with Simon in the future? 
- I can't promise anything but it would be cool if we did

Do you read this blog? 
- Actually yes, I read the last two post - Click here and here to read them

Did you watch Johan's twitcam? 
- No, I had a football match, we lost, but I scored one goal -  but you can catch up here

What position do you play in football? 
- Either a striker or right midfielder

What's your favourite One2Five cover and Dot SE cover? 
- Don't Wake Me Up, as you know I like Chris Brown and I like the harmonies in it.
- I like Roar for Dot SE because we weren't sure at first on how to do the video and the result turned out really good, I'm proud of it and We Can't Stop it's the most successful

Do you talk to Michael? 
- No, it's been about 1 year, but I read his messages and I'm really grateful, he's a hard working guy and deserves to get what he wants

Sam then went on to talk about drinking and self harm as someone tweeted him. He said don't drink until you're 18 it's not good for you. And about self harm he said that if someone is hurting you, don't hurt yourself even more, a big no on self harm, don't do it!

Before the end on the twitcam he said that after him and Adam are back from Turkey they will start working again together with Johan as Dot SE, they will work harder than ever because literally, it's now or never, we've been close a couple of times, we all know what we want so it's now, we will work as hard as we can!

And that's it! It was a good twitcam and lots of questions were answered!
Sam saved it so if you want to watch it, scroll down below, last but not least, have fun in Tukey Adam and Sam :)

And everyone else, have a great weekend :D

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Adam's twitcam :)

So firstly I gotta say I'm so grateful to all you wonderful readers! In the past two days the blog statistics have blown up.. and I mean literally! The reader count is top secret between me and the band, but I'm so, so, so, humbled and I'm pretty sure that the guys feel the same!

There have been two posts, click here and here to read it :)

Today was day 2 of #TwitcamDays with Dot SE and today Adam was the host!

He kick started by answering the normal questions how are you and so on .. it's Adam, he's smiley all the time :) hahah

He went on to speak about the whole Dot SE situation and Simon, with all due respect, he didn't want to speak about it which is absolutely fair enough on his part as he just wanted to have the 20 minute twitcam to be positive and talk with everyone watching and tell people about the future and good news! :D

Adam was also asked what his favourite song was right now -
He couldn't decide but he said that during the night at work, he listens to so much music like Eminem and Westlife.. he went on too say that while he works, he noticed things that he never has done before like an artist or band that you think is really really good, normally have 3 main amazing songs on an album and the rest of the songs fill it up but aren't necessarily amazing.

A lot of fans that were watching were curious as to when Adam's gonna record and release another Wednesday singing video on his youtube channel, he said that he would do one but couldn't record one after the twitcam because his Mom was sleeping as she also works night shifts.

He got asked tons of questions throughout the twitcam here are the majority:

What do you think about Sweden?
- I love Sweden, the city I grew up in has given me the perfect tools for life

When will you release the learn Swedish with Adam video?
- I definitely will release it, it's just I have like 5 huge ideas for it

What's your favourite Dot SE cover?
- Heartbreaker / Your're all that matters to me, it's my favourite because we mean every word, as a singer when you sing, you need to be able to feel the emotion and in that song, it feels like we all mean every word we sing

What do you think about Italy?
- I've never been but I've heard it has good pasta, good pizza and beautiful girls

Will you ever do a cover next to the Eiffel Tower?
- That would be cool!

What inspired you to sing?
- Actually, in 2004 the first episode of Swedish Idol was aired and I sat a guy called Darin sing Un-break My Heart by Toni Braxton, I thought his voice was so angelic and incredible.. plus the response from the girls in the crowd was amazing! After watching I went out that night with headphones in and was determined to sing. I sang for a few months, after I heard a recording I hated my voice and was so close to giving up, but I worked super hard. At first it was because of girls and getting famous, but it singing makes me feel happy. It's a way for me to express my inner feelings. You should all try singing, even if it doesn't sound good, do it for fun :D

Favourite country apart from Sweden?
- Thailand I went back packing there fore 3 months

Rihanna or Katy Perry?
- Katy Perry

(not a question) You look like Luke Hemmings
- I've never been compared to him before! It must be my hair, but there will be a new video to say which hair I keep soon!

How long does it take for you to do your hair?
- This style, literally 40 seconds

Adam went on to mention that him and Sam are heading to Turkey with friends for 1 week. They are going to relax and enjoy the sun there :) Once he's back he's going to buy a computer so that he can record covers, so there will loads more, as right now, he's dependant on Sam, because it's Sam's computer that can record the covers so once he has his own, he will be able to record tons more! But he does have around four Super Mario episodes ready to be edited :)

He spoke about a competition that he mentioned about on his last twitcam, he said he hasn't forgotten about it, but he'll sort things out once he's back from Turkey because he needs to send the prize to a friend, but if you know him, it's something that he loves that he wants to give

Since the band lost a member, the three guys are working harder than ever, they are constantly texting, online meetings everyday, there is more talking about the future than ever before! They guys they would have been signed by in Stockholm are still interested and there is plans for a single and album to be released this fall. Between Adam, Sam and Johan there are talks of whether they can continue as a trio or do they need a fourth member? Adam took the opportunity to thank everyone who have been with them through the hard times, he feels blessed and humbled. The band will never stop aiming high and they hope to meet Simon at the top.

And that's it, Adam's twitcam lasted longer than 20 minutes, it was around half an hour, but it was good to be able to catch up with him! Sam also clocked in for a little while too :D

And you guys are super luck because Adam actually saved it ;) haha!

Have a good evening :) and tomorrow, I'll be back with Sam's twitcam summary

Johan's twitcam

You get a real sense of satisfaction when you update the blog after months and suddenly the statistics blow up :D it gives such a a good feeling of appreciation from you Dot SE fans! - Thank you for always being so dedicated to the blog and to Dot SE!

So check out the latest update here, there's lots of information in it and news of upcoming twitcams, including tonight ;)

Okay, so yesterday Johan did a twitcam and spoke a bit about what's going on at the moment and what the future holds for Dot SE!

He also mentioned how humbled he was to see so many viewers, he then asked people who were watching to add the #TwitcamDays

He said that he had a great day as he spent it with his younger sister Emelie

Johan answered some questions too,

What's your favourite song at the moment?
- That's a hard question, but I'm going to pick two, Maps by Maroon 5 and Break Free by Ariana Grande.

Have you ever been to Spain?
- No, but I've been to Gran Canaria which is an island.

What makes you happy?
- Dot SE makes me happy, Adam, Sam and Simon of course, we want to do our own thing, music is my life and I'm bless to be able to do what I love in life.

What does the future hold for Dot SE now?
- We will be going to Stockholm  to work with Quiz and Larossi to work on our single. We are still in search of finding that smash hit song, it's going to be really fun!

He spoke some Swedish and German during the twitcam too

Before he ended the 20 minute twitcam he wanted to thank all the fans for their dedicated support throughout the past few days, it means a lot to him, Adam & Sam and of course, Simon. He said that they've been through a lot and it has been tough, but they are moving on, although this chapter has ended, another journey has only just begun and the future looks brighter than the fans think! Last but not least, he said there are top secret things going on - so stay tuned!

And that was the end of the twitcam!

Hope that makes all the people that missed it feel better ;) haha!

I'll probably update the blog again tonight after Adam's twitcam at 6pm Swedish time - you're in for treat as you're getting lots of news from the blog again! :D

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

..And then there was 3

Hey fans of Dot SE!

Little did I know that nearly four months after the last post about Adam, this is the way that I would be updating the blog. Shock is the best way to put it! 

Like the tittle says, and then there was 3, that's correct, if you didn't already here the news from the guys themselves, Simon has taken the decision to leave the band. It can't have been an easy decision for him especially since the guys were due to be returning to Stockholm, to sign a record deal and this was all waiting on them 3 days before he told them what he wanted!! :/ Simon has decided to go after his dream on a solo mission concentrating on Asia, whereas the 3 remaining guys in Dot SE, Adam, Sam and Johan, still want to concentrate on targeting Sweden first then the rest of Europe and so on, their ultimate dream is to be known worldwide. Before I go on to say what has been happening in the last four months with the 3 guys, best of luck to Simon in his mission - I'm sure you can make it, there are a lot of people backing you :)

So lets back track to May 2014, the last time I updated the blog. I wrote an insider post into a little bit more about Adam, click here to read it :) Since then in June, Adam has been busy, he's got a night job at the post office in Jonkoping, life is kinda upside down as he says :P In June Adam also celebrated 1 year ;) Following that in July, he got one of his idol's autographs all the way from the USA courtesy of ;) ... In all honesty, he's been super busy with his job, friends, enjoying summer and the beautiful sun & heat! In between this, he's been trying to get gaming video's out as often as he can, you can check them out on his youtube channel right here.  His cover of  Do I have to cry for you clocked in as 1 year old too! One of the best covers he's done, although I say that to them all xD hahah

Sam is pretty much the same as Adam, he has a job in Jonkoping too at the hospital, but he works normal times :P hahah! He's working hard at his job, working out like a boss and still keeping up with the music! He recently released a new cover, super good! I don't remember if I mentioned in a previous post or not, he also went to Turkey with a friend, to Alanya and in a couple of weeks he's going back with Adam and more friends! Alanya & Antalya are such beautiful places I went there two years in a row, great holiday choice!! :D Sam also plays for a football team, so he's regularly attending the training and playing matches

As for Johan, he took a trip with his whole family to Crete in July! I know once he returned to Sweden he missed it a lot! He was also looking forward to going to Stockholm, because as you know, Johan loooves Stockholm! Other than that, I'm not too sure what he's been up too, I know in the past he has a job at a local cafe, so he could still be working there, but I'm not entirely sure :P I know that he's also working out and having fun in the sun with friends :) A few weeks back, Johan tweeted fans asking if they want him to release a solo cover, if you do, tweet him or Dot SE ;)

So, now the band are 3, it's a shame they started as 5 but it's okay, because all 5 of them will get to where they want to be one day! It's just the end of another chapter for Dot SE, but it's also the beginning of a brand new one! There's a saying that goes along the lines of "the longer you wait for something, the more you'll appreciate it once you get it, because anything worth having is definitely worth waiting for." along with this, there's another saying "Don't give up on a dream because the time it takes for it to come true will pass anyway." If you think about these saying's then you won't be sad about what has happened, always be positive! Here's to a new era for Dot SE. And the guys are kicking it off by having a twitcam 3 days in a row, starting today, first up Johan at 6pm today, then Adam tomorrow at 6pm and Sam at 6pm on Friday.

I would have updated the blog back in July, but I was waiting for Adam to answer which he still hasn't we are planning to do something fun for the readers, I'm not sure if he remembers but hopefully things will work out :) Other than that, in terms of band news, Karmin saw the guys cover :) and their facebook page is nearly at 100,000 likes! I'm also soon gonna give away an autograph from all the guys, including Simon so stay tuned :D

I hope this post has filled you fans in just that little bit more :)

take care
Farhaana :) xx

Click here to read in more about my life, this post has a date for Jonkoping when I'll be back, pictures of my car and much more :D

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Adam Lundgren

This post, this post is a special, exclusive, inside, friend inside, insider post into Adam, the one and only Adam Lundgren, best known as, Adam from Dot SE. (You know, I come up with the long tongue twisting sentences xD haha)

As it says, this post is for all the people who want to know Adam just that little bit more, it's going to answer all your questions, where he lives, his phone number, email address, shoe size, clothes size.. you name it! (Hahahah, I joke, of course, some of what I just wrote, I will tell, but some I won't, I mean, I don't think Adam will appreciate me doing that, you know, there is a risk of fan girls turning up outside his house & his phone to blow up from phone calls and I know for sure, he doesn't want that to happen xD) But anyway, enough of my fantastic jokes, I'll go ahead and start the post! ;)

Full name: Adam Kenth Lundgren

Birth date: 2nd of March 1988

Lives: Jonkoping, Sweden

Languages: Swedish and English (can say a few words and sentences in French.)

Studied at: Per Brahegymnasiet

Favourite quote: "Dream BIG" / "Dream BIG and your dreams come true"

Personal Twitter

Personal Instagram

Personal Youtube

Personal Facebook page

Eye colour: Blue/Grey

Hair colour: Blonde

Tattoos: 3 (star on his elbow which was his first ever tattoo that he got in 2008, full sleeve on one arm, a tattoo on the top of his back, not many people know what it is, just friends and family! ;)) - he wants more tattoo's. 

Piercings: 3 - Both ears and lip 

Height: 178cm

Shoe size: 42

Shirt size: Medium

Favourite number: 7

Siblings: 1 younger sister

Favourite band: Westlife

Favourite singers: Brian McFadden and Lee Ryan

Favourite song: Queen of My Heart

Dream date: Jessica Alba

Single or Taken: ;))

Interests: Working out, singing & playing video games 

Favourite country apart from Sweden: Thailand 

Personal qualities: Caring, funny, trustworthy, kind, overall a lovely guy 

Lets back track to the early days, on how Adam began to sing.. he was just 16.. lets put that in proportion, the guy is 26 now (21 at heart though!!) I'm not going to go into detail of the first time Adam sang, but believe it or not, when he first started out, he didn't know if he even like his singing voice or not, hard to believe, right?!

Anyway, fast forward a few years to I don't know, lets say 2010 / 2011.. still long before Dot SE were around. Adam, back then was a solo artist! A solo artist known as Adam Bodus, the story behind his solo name is the cutest.. his imaginary friend when he was a young child was called Bodus and that's how his artist name came about :)) .. He occasionally did covers alone and with Sam, to name a few, It Girl, Just The Way You Are, Common Denominator and On My Mind. During his solo days, he did apply to Swedish Idol. In this time, he even released a single on iTunes, that was recorded and Mastered in just 14 hours!!

Add one year more and your at May 2012.. the formation of One2Five.. Adam and the other four created the band. Keep in mind, he's never had any singing lessons!!

Fast forward to January 2013, the guys were in LA... from One2Five, the guys lost a member and became Dot SE and if you look at the date, today is the 28th of May and here we are.. Adam's a band member in Dot SE and working hard to make his dreams come true!

I hope that those of you that didn't know a lot about Adam now do :D

Check out the funny side of Adam.. and how to get abs.. it's clearly working for him xD hahah

But, for now, I leave you with a cover that gives me goosebumps virtually every time I listen to it, his incredible voice right there.

This is an all time favourite post!! Check it out by clicking here ;)

Thank you for reading as always, you're more amazing than you can even imagine!!
Don't forget, sharing is caring - share the blog link, tag me and a Dot SE member in the tweet to be in with a chance of getting Adam's autograph! (Must be following us both)

Throwback to february 2013!! 

Farhaana :) xx

*** Don't faint .. evidently Adam's workout in the park, works xD ****

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The dream is livin'

Hey there, yes, you behind that screen, reading what I write ;)

I finally have time to update the blog, within 1 week!! (if you're happy and you know it clap your hands) i expect you all to be clapping xD hahah

I have a reason to update the blog, well, Samme released a new cover! It's good too see him behind the mic again! Great job Sam, and like you said in the description, many people are waiting for the original music to be recorded and released ;) 

Adam's back at his funny business... And video gaming as normal, he is a video game nerd after all, all he needs is the geeky glasses to go with it .. hahaha, sorry Adde :*

Check out his perfect English below and I don't know, him playing in the park or something like that xD but also, a little heads up, don't press skip on any ads that come up because it earns Adam some dollar ;) 

Owl Adam

I've not heard much from Johan, but here's throw back from summer of him and Simon!

Speaking of Simon he's keeping fit by starting back at boxing! And he's studying hard to get his drivers licence :) Keep at it Simon! 

Other than that, there's nothing more to say, don't forget to keep sharing the blog, tag me and a Dot SE member in the tweet to be able to win the guys autographs! (you must be following us both) :) 

Have a wonderful day

Farhaana :) 

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Make A Wish!

Hello, Hello familiar readers, I know who you are. I can see you.

I can't really but you know xD But anyway, HI! It's been a while again :/ but, but, but, I guess that's what makes you guys all the more eager to know what's been happening with Dot SE, right? ;) Anyone would think that I'm physic you know ;D I know you're all thinking that, or that I'm crazy, either one is fine with me xD ... hmm, I think I'm just going to shut up now and talk or write about Dot SE since that's the whole point of updating ;P

So Dot SE, where do I begin?! Firstly, I gotta know, were you guys happy with the surprise post by Adam?! I think for the first time he's ever blogged on this blog .. he did a great job!

Moving on, 2 weeks ago, Dot SE released another cover, yet again by Katy Perry! Anyone would think the four of them are Katy Perry fan girls ;) but no, I guess, right now, she's quite in the limelight and the songs suit the guys personal situations and the atmosphere in their lives :P And mainly, the song suits their voices!!

The Birthday cover video has a little spin on it though, because I saw that some of you fans are in it?! How cool! You can buy the cover here and listen to it on spotify here. Not only that, but I discovered a new tradition that Dot SE have started, having a tea bag on your birthday cake xD ... if you don't get me, watch till the very end and all will be revealed ;)

Other than that, at the moment the guys haven't worked so much on the band, I believe, right now, it's all behind the scene work for their album ;)

BUT! That doesn't mean that there hasn't been other things happening with the guys, lets take Adam first, yes, you know it, as usual! He's a friend, it's only fair that I'm biased towards him ;)

Firstly, Adam had his hair cut, short! When I say short, it really is!! It really looks good in my opinion ;) *cough* Biased *cough* ;P The question is, now that his hair is short again, after having his long hair for a long long time, does Adam prefer it short or long?

Next, take this a warning from the guys himself, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. HAHAHA and if you do, you're out of your mind xD
I always say that Adam is a guy of many talents, but to put it frankly, kick-biking is not one of them xD I'm not saying anything more, the video speaks for itself!  Bra jobb Adde!!! He definitely has waaaaay too much free time on his hands ;D (Do not take what I said or the video seriously, it's all a big joke ;) )

Those purple boxers though :P Hahah... HMM, what I mean is, look at those white converse ;)

Sam's been working hard! He's training a lot with his football team at the moment, plus he's back working at his old job. In between all this, he recorded a cover with Adam, like back in the day ;) The cover they both did was You and I by One Direction! They've both done a smashing job on it and those high notes that Sam pulls, he nailed it indeed! He's currently also working on a solo cover of a Justin Timberlake song ;)

Johan has disappeared from planet earth! The last time I spoke to him, I swear was last year!! :O
And as for Simon, who is he again?! HAHA. I kid, but yeah, I don't really know what he's up to much either, I know that he's taking up learning how to drive :D So soon 4/4 of Dot SE will be able to drive! Awesome right,  not that it makes a difference to you guys :P hahah

Last but not least, share any post from the blog and choose from either Dot SE's covers, "She Looks So Perfect" or "Birthday" share them and tag me and a Dot SE member in the tweet to get their signed pictures! I've already sent two signed pictures of Adam and Sam to two lucky girls ;)

Take care! And have a great Friday and weekend ;D

Farhaana xx

I ordered Joe's new album, not one, but two, who's the second one for though?! ;))))))