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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Anything worth having is worth the wait ;)

It's time for a quick late night update once again, so welcome back!

Have you ever heard the saying in Swedish that goes like "Den som väntar på något gott väntar aldrig för länge." I take it most of you won't heard of it since you're not Swedish ;P but it basically means the same as the English one "The longer you wait for something the more you'll appreciate it when you get it. 'Cause anything worth having is definitely worth waiting for."

As I've always said since the beginning, whenever you don't hear much from the guys, it's not because they have given up, no never, more like they are working harder to get the original music out to you! ..So yeah, what I am saying is the guys are currently working on original music ;) I mean, just imagine being able to play a Dot SE original in your headphones, that's definitely worth the wait, right? ;) - Right now, we have Mr Tease aka Adam who has said, this fall will be amazing, I let you imagination run away now and will say nothing more ;)

I mentioned in a previous post about getting the guys autograph, here are the ones I have to give to you! Click here to read how to enter. It's pretty simple, just share your favourite post from the blog :D

One year later, after the guys released a cover of Incomplete by the legendary Backstreet boys, its still the best they've done. - where words fail, music speaks. 

I leave the blog post with the mind blowing cover, the cover that is probably my favourite that the guys have done, the vocals and video are genius! 

The guys quite possibly could have to change their name when they are to release original music, due to copyright issues! 
They are now asking for YOUR help / suggestions in any new name ideas! Drop them a tweet if you think you can help :D 

Thank you for reading as always, it means a lot ot me 
// Farhaana xx 

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Long time

After a long time, there is finally a type new update, it is not going to be super long, but it is an update nevertheless :)

It has been just over one year since the guys released this cover, it is absolutely crazy how fast time goes! I still remember when they released this one, it was one of the most played songs on the radio at the time - check it out again, if you haven't already!

At the moment the guys are chilling in their day to day lives I guess! They are enjoying the summer and sun, well Sam at least, because one other is behind a computer hahah, but he's a video game nerd, so its all good ;P I mean, it makes him happy and that's really all you can ask :D I mean summer is all about feeling good and doing the things you enjoy most after all :D 

Adam still has some covers still unreleased from when he recorded them a couple of months ago, so there could be music coming soon from him, I guess the way to put it is you just have to wait and see ;)

I know that the guys did say that they want to start focusing on writing and releasing original music, hence why there hasn't been any covers in a while, but that is such a good thing, i'm sure many of you can't wait for the day they release their original material.

Other than that, things are pretty good with the guys, they are chilling and enjoying life, the type best things to do, right? ;P

I have a few autographs from Adam and Sam for you fans, so share your favourite post from the blog, tag a Dot SE member and me in the tweet and you could get one ;)
(I don't have any pictures of the autographs, because I'm at my apartment right now and don't have them here.)

Can you fans get Dot SE's cover of Alive to 10,000 views? It would be amazing if you could ;)

I'm aware this post was super short, but I felt the update was needed :)
Thank you for reading as always
// Farhaana xx

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Monday, 25 April 2016

I've always been taught to win

Hello again wonderful Dot SErs,

Did you see one of the latest posts? It was all about Adam's cover of There you'll be and his twitcam that he did before he released it. He didn't save the twitcam, so if you want to know what he said, click here to read the post.

There has been a post since that and you can read that here. 

If you remember right, the competition that has been running since about July 2015 (sorry for the long wait xD) has now come to an end! Between the girl who organised the competition, Adam & Sam the winner has been chosen!

So, without any further wait xD the person who has won a hand signed t-shirt from Dot SE is Dot SE Fan :) You'll be happy to know that Fanny, Adam and Sam chose you to get the t-shirt.. Please contact me on either facebook or twitter!

Thank you to everyone that entered the competition :) - Hopefully in the future there will be more like it, and the winner will be picked in less time xD hahah

A few weeks back Adam and Sam did a periscope session where they were out walking at the beautiful park, stadsparken in Jonkoping. They spoke about how they are going to take a break from doing covers because they want all their focus to be on original music. However, they did say they may do a cover if its like a super crazy awesome song. So right now, they won't release any covers. But! You should subscribe to their personal youtube channel's because Sam released a solo cover and Adam has released a few and I know he has a couple more planned ;)

Other than that, see you in the next post! And because you love the blog and Dot SE of course, you should watch and listen to their cover of Incomplete by the Legendary Backstreet Boys.

See you in the next post, thank you for reading as always, it means a lot to me

/ Farhaana

And Adam, you got a long line of messages :(

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

2nd March 2016

Right now while I sit at home in the UK its the 1st of March, no doubt, when I finish writing this post, it will be the 2nd of March, a day that DotSErs remember well, I hope ;)

Why another update? 
I was recently in Jonkoping and I met up with the guys, so I figured, well I know, many of you fans have been dying to know what was said..

I don't really know what I can and can't say in regards to what to we spoke about relating to the band! So I guess, until the guys say, for you, it remains a mystery =) But a good one, I can tell you that!

One thing that has to be pointed out, that since Adam and Sam began recording covers together, they have never given up no matter what has happened. They continue to work hard day in day out for the love of music. The determination, talent and passion is amazing and for that they must be given a lot of credit. Not to mention they're great guys (: .. and no, they didn't tell me to say that ;P hahah 

Another little task over to you as fans! If I remember right, Adam said this year that guys won't be going to Guldtuben but never the less, on the 4th of March, the voting opens for it, and your job is to vote ;) This will be the link, click here to nominate

Other than that, now we're in Spring (not like the weather shows that, but still) xD stay tuned for good things!
"The longer you wait for something, the more you appreciate it when you get it. Cause anything worth having is definitely worth waiting for."
And I'm sure you think that waiting for music from Dot SE is worth the wait.

That's a wrap up for this post, before I go, a throwback to Adam's first ever Wednesday singing, since its ehm, Wednesday ;) This was almost type 2 years ago! Time flies.

Annd.. Happy birthday Adam :D

Have a great day, night, where-ever you all are and thank you for reading as always

And soon, Adam will release the blogpost with the winner of the t-shirt ;)

Farhaana. Xx 

Friday, 19 February 2016

A quick little update

Hello beautiful readers! 

Sorry there hasn't been a post in while, but there's one now, better late than never :) 

This post is going to be super quick, there will hopefully be another one soon, with the winner of the signed t-shirt from Dot SE! - so stay tuned 

Adam is all settled in his old but new apartment if thats the right way to say it?! 

And Sam is back home from LA, after being out there for one month! 

I can't say for 100% but I'm thinking that soon they will start recording covers again since its been a while that they released as Dot SE! 

But, don't forget to check out Adde's recent solo covers and the Dot SE covers like Alive :D I can't embed the video's because I don't have my laptop, but the links are below :D 

Love yourself --> 
There you'll be --> 

Take care and thank you for reading as always 
Farhaana xx 

Monday, 25 January 2016

In my heart there will always be a place for you, for all my life.

Not going to lie, I'm pretty happy with myself considering this is the third post this month =))

Before I start to ramble, I'll get back to the real reason I'm writing this post..

So a couple of posts ago I wrote about how Adam had recorded a few solo covers and today, the mighty fine guy released another one. I always go on about how the songs he covers mean a lot to me, but seriously, this is one of my all time favourite songs (excluding Westlife of course.. hahah) I'm a 90s kid after all! And i'm so glad he's covered it.
But yeah, sometimes you just have to listen to a song, a few lines of it and you know it will blow you away, the goosebumps.. that feeling of being frozen with a shiver down your spine. Ahhhdamm (see what I did there ;) )
There are so many artists in the music industry that sing a song that's been given to them without a care in the world. But with each and every cover the guys do, whether solo or as a duo, they put their all into it.. and it pays off. With each cover they release, thought, effort, passion, care, time and just about everything goes into it to make it the best it can be and you can really, like really, feel it. I don't know, I probably sound insane to a lot of people, but I feel the passion, every word he sings he feels, every word he sings is true. I feel blessed to know such a person and am able to call him friend. Adam is truly one in a million.

The cover is here:

 Before releasing the cover, Adam did a twitcam. It was so nice to get to see him talk a little and see he is doing just fine. He said that he's been off work for one week because he was ill, but he's better now.

- During the twitcam a lot was said. Adam mentioned how Sam was in LA and meeting important people out there. He couldn't go due to personal circumstances, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
- He said that in spring hopefully things would kick off ;)
- Adam spoke about his new and old apartment a little bit, then things got a bit passionate.. I'll just leave the memory right here for those who watched xD hahahah, I'm still crying over that.. his reaction after he realised what he said :')
- He also mentioned about filming around Jonkoping and how that because it is a small town, there are only a few locations left to film, Taberg (kind of like a mountain) is one of them he may shoot a video at! Its cute :))
- He spoke a tad bit of French, my names Adam, I live in Jonkoping.. and erm, Cucumber #standardAdamFrench
- It was nice to see him all smiley..I'm loving the fact his hair is starting to grow out again and it looked so cute :D ..bring back the usual hair <333

Thank you for reading, I'm so grateful for you! Keep an eye out, the process of picking the winner for the signed T-shirt is underway! Keep an eye out for the new post that will announce the winner

I'll keep a part of you with me
Farhaana. Xx

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Monday, 18 January 2016


In the last post, which you can read here, I mentioned that Adam would probably release a solo cover on the weekend! This cover turned out to be worth the wait, in terms of how longs its been since he did a solo cover.

For a long time coming, many people have been saying to Adam and his sister, Sofie to cover a song together.. And I guess they did that and smashed just about every expectation a person could have. The cover they did was of a song called Georgia by Vance Joy. The song was given as a gift to their parents for Christmas, it was their Dad's choice. As they say, some gifts are truly irreplaceable and I guess for their parents, this would probably be one of them? The way that their harmonies blend, sounds incredible. And not to mention the video! The scenery is great, Sweden's natural beauty, the snow is amazing :D 

Anyway, the cover is linked below.. I linked both their channels, I like to be fair x)  

The winner for the competition will be chosen at the end of the week! This is the last chance you have to enter, click here to read the post that tells you how to take part!

Sam is heading out to LA this week as well.. good things are coming.. Dream BIG, right?

And if you understand Swedish.. you might hear a familiar voice ;) click here to listen 

Take care and thank you for reading as always.
Farhaana xx

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